Smartphone from Water Damage

Best tips to Save Your Smartphone from Water Damage

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Water is a high electrical conductor and literally can flow into every circuit and PCB and shot it at once.  Mobiles are therefore frequent to water damage than anything else. Be it the rain, a few drops in the ear jack and its dead forever.  This was the end of life for most mobiles but now since technology has greatly progressed, there are few chances that you can have your smartphone repair from water damage quickly without any hassle.

Protection techniques to safeguard your smartphone:

Though it might take some time to restore your mobile to an earlier working order, but it’s surely possible by following some simple steps.

Simple Drying:

Once your phone is drenched in the water, don’t play with its switches .  in fact if it’s already off, don’t switch it on. Ensure that it is out of water first hand and be quick to keep it in a dry place after removing the cover as excessive exposure to water can permanently damage it.

Always handle it with care:

Make sure you don’t press any buttons to let water seep into those gaps and further damage the mobile.  It is best to wait and watch.

Make use of disposable paper:

Kitchen paper absorbs water quickly and effectively.  Just use it over the water moist areas on the phone. Remove the back cover, battery and SIM, place the absorbent material over it for a few minutes and repeat this process unless completed dry.

A little shaking will also dislodge additional water droplets from the gaps.  You can use a hairdryer once water has been dislodged because early drying of the integrated circuit is important.

Assemble your phone once more and only when sure, switch it on.

Use natural substances:

Notice how rice absorbs water and becomes optimum shape? Raw rice is again a moisture absorbent so if your phone still does not work, you might use rice to get rid of excess leftover moisture.  You can dip the phone into a container full of rice. The rice will absorb all the leftover moisture. But a little patience for at least 72 hours is okay. If you move your device around in the rice at intervals, your device might get trouble free completely.

Lastly, Professional help is always there:  The phone might warrant repair if it does not show signs of improvement or is unable to start after repeated attempts.  Most phone repair companies also do iPhone Repair from water damage including some onsite insurance covers without any hassle.

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