mobile repair gaffar market

Why did Gaffar Market term as a forged market for Mobile Phones?

Mobile Repair

Gaffar Market the hub for the mobile phone repairing. It is a market where lots of people are running their livelihood and houses by repairing and selling phones. If you visit there you will feel like you entered into the heaven of mobile phones, this is because you can find each and every phone there, from vintage to latest edition phones all are available there but have you wondered how and why they all are always there? This would be answered in our further segment yet there are lots of interesting things to know about Gaffar Market. In this market what would you find? You can find all the accessories, phone’s parts, covers and lot more gadgets. If you are unable to find any spare parts of your phone in whole Delhi then just visit once and you can find all the spare parts in Gaffar Market.

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