Common issues in iphone

Here are some common issues in phone and tips to recover from them

The smartphone is indeed the best pal at hand we can carry and share our thoughts on. But it can be a bit cranky sometimes to find resilient problems that we don’t want in our gadget. Here we elucidate them below. Battery drainage Continuous battery discharge is marked by frustration and a smartphone requires a […]

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Why heat problems occur in mobile phones and how to resolve them

One of the major disadvantages of very powerful smartphones is the heating aspect, but there are some ways to keep it under control. Heating up on the back panel and along the edges are very common in smartphones. It may occur due to a combination of factors such as processors type, applications running at the […]

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mobile Hang problem

How to get rid of from Phone Touch Freezing/Hanging problem?

Today, most of the user of the smartphone are facing phone Freezing/Hanging problem due to lack of knowledge. Almost every smartphone, such as Motorola, Samsung, Sony or even iPhone, after some time of use, phone get hanged, it is the worst thing but don’t worry we are here to tell you the solution of your […]

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mobile repair gaffar market

Why did Gaffar Market term as a forged market for Mobile Phones?

Gaffar Market the hub for the mobile phone repairing. It is a market where lots of people are running their livelihood and houses by repairing and selling phones. If you visit there you will feel like you entered into the heaven of mobile phones, this is because you can find each and every phone there, […]

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